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My name is Dino and i am a Greek illustrator who was born in 1987 in Athens, Greece.
I started publishing my first cartoons 5 years ago in the monthly student’s magazine ‘CHILL OUT’, and then 2 years ago i made my first newspaper cartoon in a Greek weekly newspaper. After 6 months, when i moved to Belgium, i started publishing occasionally cartoons in the newspaper ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ and the magazine ‘Knack’ where i am now working as an editorial illustrator. My work has been published so far in numerous international sites such as ToonsMag, The Cartoon Movement, Politico Europe, Trumpatoon, SPOT Magazine, World Policy Journal a magazine in New York. Also i am a VIDA artist in the shopvida.com fashion site.
My area of expertise is anything that inspires artistic creations as well as  political and social illustrations where i visualize the daily news.

Work experience

  • 2015– present: Political cartoonist/illustrator in The Cartoon Movement, Netherlands
  • 2016 – present : Editorial illustrator in Knack magazine, Belgium
  • 2017– present: Artist and creator in the Fashion shop VIDA
  • 2017– present: Editorial illustrator in the newspaper ΑΡΙΣΤΕΙΑ, Greece

Exhibitions & Contests

  • 2015, International Cartoon Competition KYM in Athens – theme: Refuge
  • 2015, International Cartoon Exhibition in Denmark, Storm P. Museet – theme: Terrorism
  • 2016, 14 festivals in the Netherlands – theme: Freedom
  • 2016, International Cartoon Competition YMITTOS in Athens – theme: Migration
  • 2017, International Cartoon Exhibition FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in Norway – theme: Freedom of Expression
  • 2017, International Cartoon Festival in Brussels – theme: You, the West and the Middle East
  • 2017, Festival of Europe Colours in Paris, Fontanebleu – theme: Colours of Europe
  • 2017, Conference of Newspaper Editors in Budapest – theme: The Art of Distinction
  • 2017, Cartoon exhibition in Tokyo, Japan – theme: “Wonderful World”
  • 2017, World Humor Awards exhibition in Italy – theme: Artificial World
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Photo editing
Brainstorming ideas
Sketching Videos (making/editing)
« Dino has a unique ability to combine original ideas with innovative styles resulting in highly attractive and topical illustrations.
Working with him is a pleasure every step of the way.
• Jago Kosolosky editor-in-chief of Knack.be •
« Dino’s illustrations give a powerful perspective on what is wrong in the world.
His work is sharp and witty, and is often purely visual, not needing any words to communicate his ideas.
Less is more in Dino’s illustrations, making his message all the more clear.
• Tjeerd Royaards Cartoonist & editor-in-chief of Cartoon Movement •
« I personally adore the precision and simplicity of Dino's well pointedly visual statements »
• Prof. Guido Kühn •
« The illustrations of Dino have a strong idea that is expressed in a very simple and strong language. He manages to capture complexity in a sophisticated and simple visual vocabulary that can be understood around the globe. He has a very original take on topics that has already been drawn over and over again and in addition he can find the angle noone else has found before. »
• Erik Petri Cartoonist & Contributor, SPOT Magazine •
« The art of Dino is agile... In a few strokes you can discover the complexity of the moment he captures. He lives in a troubled world and he is not a passive spectator. He jump from his drawings and scream with lines the crudity of the moment. »
• Ramses Morales Izquierdo Cartoonist-illustrator •